FEARLESS.YOGA: Fit. Focused. Fearless.

Fit, Focused, Fearless

Encoded within the postures and sequences of classical yoga are tactics from the ancient martial arts of India. The asanas and vinyasas not only build strength, balance and flexibility, they build “muscle memory” for techniques that can stop a violent assault or incapacitate an attacker.

Did you know that bandhasana is an escape, that utkatasana is a take-down, or that marichyasana can render an attacker unconscious in seconds? Fearless•Yoga explores all of the hidden techniques and makes them practical for reflexive, real-world self-defense.

Most importantly, these concepts are based on the ancient yoga principle of Ahimsa: the Way of Peace. The tactics are more like jiu-jitsu than kickboxing, and uphold a high legal, moral and ethical standard: use the minimum force necessary to safely end an assault.

Practiced with a mindset of “serious play,” the training cultivates the physical potential of the body to get you FIT, provides techniques to enhance concentration and keep you FOCUSED, and introduces you to proven and practical defensive concepts that allow you to become FEARLESS.


Sneak Peek Available Now

This guide is currently available as a SNEAK PEEK preview of a work in progress. It is designed for easy follow-along practice at home, or as a companion guide for students who are currently training. It will be evolving over time with the addition of new content, images and video. You are invited to participate in the process. Please join us on Facebook to discuss content, ideas and conclusions. For further inspiration, find Fearless•Yoga posters at FearlessYoga.Tumblr.com. Want to connect? Contact via Instagram.